More Able Events at Westborough

More able pupils enjoy a range of opportunities at Westborough.

More able Higher Education Experience Days

Throughout each year, more able students from all years have the chance to visit a regional university for a Higher Education Experience Day.  Students have previously been to the University of Huddersfield, University of Leeds and the University of York.

Consequently, students will be able to develop higher-order thinking skills, develop problem solving, team working and communication skills and improve their self-confidence and belief in their ability. Students will also develop knowledge and understanding of a range of Higher Education courses and subject areas as well as increase their knowledge and understanding of Higher Education in general.

The visits are always beneficial to students and it often changes students aspirations:

“I loved the tour and seeing what university accommodation was like.”
A Pupil, Westborough High School
“I really want to go to university now after seeing what you can do.”
A Pupil, Westborough High School

Reading Mentors

A group of more able year 10 and 11 students spent a day learning how to support younger pupils with their reading. The students were trained on how to structure a reading session and how to support younger students who struggle with their confidence in reading. Throughout the year students then met with a reading partner to guide them and help them to get enjoyment out of reading. This was a great opportunity for both sets of students as it also helped the more able students gain leadership skills.

Spelling Bee

Each year, two of our more able students in year 7 are chosen to represent Westborough High School at the annual Kirklees Spelling Bee. The competition is held annually at the University of Huddersfield and is a great opportunity for students to compete with other schools.

Make Yourself Heard

Year 10 students visited Leeds University to participate in a series of workshops as part of an event called ‘Make Yourself Heard’.

Speaking in front of an audience doesn’t always come easy, ‘Make Yourself Heard’ is an event led by academics who are experts in their fields, designed to get students thinking about how they communicate and how they can develop their confidence to speak and write for an audience.

Students began with a warm up session aimed at improving speaking skills and overcoming the lack of confidence which prevents so many from expressing their ideas and opinions and engaging fully in their communities, schools and workplaces.

The session was followed by a more ‘hands on’ activity where students had a go at being a reporter, and learning about all the skills required on the studio floor and gallery during a TV transmission.

In contrast, sessions in the afternoon included writing and thinking critically which are key skills that are not only essential to study at HE level, particularly in the arts and humanities, but are also relevant to all aspects of life in our information age.

“It was fantastic to see students really coming out of their shell during this event. Even the really shy ones managed to ‘make themselves heard’ by following the guidance of the lecturers and expressed their ideas with confidence.”
R Race (Widening Participation Champion), Westborough High School