Widening Participation

The Widening Participation Programme at Westborough has been designed to deliver high quality enrichment activities to encourage and attract pupils from all abilities and backgrounds to progress into Further and Higher education.

At Westborough we are able to offer a wide range of fantastic opportunities to help raise aspirations and progress, giving our pupils the motivation to excel in lessons and achieve the best grades they can. In addition, these activities help to broaden pupil experience and develop social skills, particularly for those students who are not used to working outside their comfort zone.

Starting as early as year 7, Westborough has designed a Widening Participation programme which tailors activities and events to suit the particular needs of each year group. KS3 pupils are introduced to the options available to them when they leave school, such as Colleges, Universities and Apprenticeships and have opportunities to visit some of these establishments throughout the year. In KS4 opportunities extend to careers fairs, a week long work experience programme, subject specific taster sessions and mock interviews, just to name a few.

The Widening Participation programme has proved highly successful over the years in raising the aspirations of our pupils and we are extremely proud of the hard work and continued enthusiasm that our students have shown during these events.

In 2017-2018 100% of all students took part in at least one Widening Participation event ranging from cultural enrichment days, assemblies, college assemblies and university projects.