SEND Information Report

At one time or another most pupils struggle with something in school – here’s where you can find information about how you can get support at Westborough.

We’re here to help you!

If you’re worried that your child is struggling with the work, we’re here to listen to you and provide you with help. Your child might need some more tests to find out what additional support they may need, or identify if they have ‘Special Educational Needs or Disability’ (SEND). Many people in school do have ‘SEND’ – all this means is that they can get the help they need to succeed in school.

SENCo and Assistant SENCo

J Henson

J Peake
Assistant SENCo

Progress Leaders

H Ashe
Senior Progress Leader
Year 11.

E Himsworth
Years 7 and 8.

S Ferguson
Year 9 and 10.

Year Leaders

J Inneson
Year 7

M Garside
Year 8

Mrs L Blackburn
Year 9

M Shah
Year 10

S Teagle
Year 11

How do we help?

Here’s some of the ways that we’re helping pupils at the moment:

  • Learning Passport
    This is probably the most important tool as it tells your child’s teachers what the pupils are struggling with and how they can help support them. It also gives you and your child clues about how they can help themselves and their own needs (metacognition).

  • Reciprocal Reading
    This is a course for pupils who are struggling with understanding what they read. It works best in small groups.

  • Zones of Regulation
    This is a course for pupils who struggle to understand others, or how to understand and manage their own emotions. It works best in small groups.

  • SULP (Social Use of Language Programme)
    This is a course that helps pupils with communication difficulties. It helps them in different kinds of social situations and aids in communicating positively with others.

    A.R.R.O.W. is defined as a multi-sensory teaching/learning system based upon the use of the student’s own recorded voice, the Self-Voice™, and is used by groups of students working under overt supervision from a tutor.

    This is a software programme that is an interactive intervention for pupils that are diagnosed with dyslexia or show signs of dyslexia.