The drama curriculum strives to ignite pupils’ creativity, passion and interest in drama and the performing arts industry. Drama develops essential transferable skills which open up a wealth of opportunity for the pupils’ future. The curriculum offer nurtures the pupils’ talents, allowing them to explore and find themselves as theatre practitioners and performers. Pupils experience a wide range of enrichment activities during their time at Westborough to develop a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the arts and to influence their own practice, inspiring them both in and outside of the classroom. The development of social skills are embedded throughout the drama curriculum, where pupils have every opportunity to develop self-confidence, public speaking, collaborative and independent work as well as stretching their creativity and imagination.

In the drama curriculum:

  1. Pupils will have a rich and powerful knowledge of a range of performance genres and styles as well as developing their performance skills, adapting suitably to an array of devised and scripted contexts and characters.
  2. Teachers will use the best of what is thought and said to allow pupils to develop creativity, critical thinking and collaboration to effectively build achievement and nurture individual talent.
  3. Planning, delivery and assessment of the four key concepts will be strategically sequenced to ensure that the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of theatre and drama is secure and builds in complexity and challenge throughout their learning journey.
  4. Continuously takes pupils on an exciting and engaging learning journey both in and outside of the classroom exploring a vast range of social, political and cultural events developing the cultural capital of our pupils, taking them beyond the classroom experience.
  5. Pupils will develop literacy skills which will allow them to confidently articulate their ideas and performance choices, discuss the creative process as well as critically evaluating their work and the work of others.
  6. An inclusive approach will be used so all pupils have access to the arts curriculum. Pupils will be exposed to the conceptual knowledge, skills and understanding to flourish in their future learning and employment.
  7. Provides pupils with the necessary social, emotional and academic skills to positively contribute to society.

Curriculum Intent