If you want to contact any of the staff please feel free to email the school (mark your email with “FAO” followed by the name of the member of staff you want to contact). Don’t forget to include your name, contact number and a brief explanation of the nature of your enquiry.

Headteacher  Mrs Jennifer Napper
Deputy Headteacher  Mrs Gill Sweasey
Deputy Headteacher  Miss Anna Du Quesnay
Deputy Headteacher  Mrs Helen Kilkenny
Acting Deputy Headteacher  Mrs Lynette Melotte
Assistant Headteacher  Mr Saghir Aziz
Assistant Headteacher  Mr Ismail Patel
Assistant Headteacher  Mr Usman Ali
Assistant Headteacher  Miss Ceri Long
Business Manager  Mrs Maria Muhammed
Headteacher’s P.A  Mrs Fiona Sharp
Team Leaders
English  Mrs Karen McIntosh
Mathematics  Dr Osama Shahein
Science  Mr Mohammed Khan
Additional Needs (SENCO)  Miss Ceri Long
Business & Ethics  Mr Lukman Patel
Creative Arts  Mrs Rachel Dinnewell
Humanities  Mr Christopher Hooper
ICT/Computing  Mr Nazam Arif
Modern Foreign Languages  Mrs Nicola Springer
Physical Education  Mr Simon Horkin