Expectations of the School:

We will provide a safe and challenging environment which maximises opportunities for all members of the school community.  We work in partnership with parents to equip pupils to be confident and effective young people and lifelong learners in the wider world.

To help every child to achieve his or her full personal potential:

  1. To foster skills of independent enquiry.
  2. To encourage co-operative activity.
  3. To lay the foundations for a happy, healthy and adult life.
  4. To promote Education for All – irrespective of gender, culture, colour, belief, ethnicity, class, religion and disability.
  5. To equip every child with the skills that will enable him or her to effectively participate in an ever changing society.
  6. To develop an awareness of the role and contribution of the individual within a local, national and world framework.
  7. To provide a set of rules to help learning, well being and safety.

We will provide a list of ‘consequences’ should your child not follow rules.

In addition the school will:

  • Keep parents informed about developments and events by letter, telephone calls, texts, newsletter and via the school website.
  • Provide at least one Parents’ Evening/Day and full school report per academic year.

Expectations of the Pupil:

  1. Everyone in school is expected to behave courteously and helpfully to each other and to all visitors at all times – in and out of classrooms.  The aim is to treat others as we like to be treated ourselves.
  2.  Everyone should treat others politely in every day conversations.
    • Nobody should interrupt other people’s conversations or talk over the top of someone else.
    • There is no need to shout over anyone.
    •  Everyone should always say please and thank you.
  3.  All are expected to hold and/or open doors for others – especially with regards to any visitor or person carrying a heavy load.
  4. All members of the school are expected to walk on the left and never run.
  5. All pupils are expected to participate and try as hard as they can in all aspects of school life. Work must be done to the best of a pupil’s ability and homework must always be completed.
  6. All pupils are expected to attend school, be punctual, in full school uniform and prepared with the necessary equipment for all their lessons.
  7. Mobile phones and electronic devices are not allowed on school premises and will be confiscated for half a term.
  8. Chewing gum is banned.
  9. Fizzy drinks are banned.

Expectations of Home:

  1. Ensure your child comes to school every day and is on time.  If your child is ill, please ring the school by 9.00 a.m.
  2. Pupils who arrive after the morning register has been taken will be marked as absent.
  3. Please be aware that Westborough adheres to Kirklees’ policy on ‘Fixed Penalty Fines’ for pupil deliberate non-attendance.
  4. Medical appointments should be made after school or in the holidays.  If this is not possible, your child should bring the appointment card to show their form tutor the day before the appointment.
  5. Attend meetings arranged by the school to discuss your child’s progress.
  6. Do your best to support and help with any plans/suggestions agreed to help your child.
  7. Support pupil’s adherence to the school rules and the consequences.
  8. Show an interest in your child’s school day and praise the child for any achievement at school.
  9. Keep a regular check and sign weekly, your child’s planner.
  10. Help your child with homework and ensure they always do their homework.
  11. Listen to advice from the school on how to help your child educationally.
  12. Please ring your child’s form tutor at the school if there are any issues at home which may mean the child could be upset and have difficulties at school that day.
  13. Ensure your child has a full school uniform and the necessary equipment   to carry out their lessons.
  14. Support the school and encourage your child to take part in all aspects of school life.
  15. Allow your child to be photographed or videoed taking part in school activities.
  16. Allow your child to go on local educational visits off the school site as part of the school curriculum.
  17. Support the school in ensuring your child follows school behaviour and uniform rules.

To download a full copy of our home school agreement click here.