Health and Social Care

At Westborough High School health and social care prepares pupils to explore all aspects of human development and the impact of positive and negative factors on each life stage. Pupils analyse, using critical thinking and problem solving to explore factors that affect the day to day lives of individuals.

The health and social care curriculum:

  1. Builds powerful knowledge allowing pupils to understand human development at each life stage (infancy, early childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, middle adulthood and later adulthood). In addition, pupils are able to identify physical, intellectual, emotional and social development during each phase.
  2. Exposes pupils to ‘the best of what’s thought and said’ for example by studying the care values and understanding their importance within health and social care services.
  3. Is thoughtfully sequenced to enable pupils to retain the knowledge to implement the care values successfully within a health and social care setting.
  4. Takes pupils beyond their everyday experience as there are opportunities to draw from real life experiences, using case studies and research to compliment learning, creating skills and resilience that can be used throughout their lives.
  5. Supports pupils to become numerate and literate as the course requires them to analyse physiological data and write health care plans for individual case studies.
  6. Encourages social mobility as pupils are supported to think about and challenge the way they perceive the world, tackling issues around human relationships, physical environments, mental wellbeing, health and prevention and socioeconomic status.
  7. Ensures pupils become successful future citizens as they analyse lifestyle choices made by individuals and the impact they have on health, relationships and mental wellbeing.

Curriculum Intent