Business and Enterprise

The business and enterprise curriculum is ambitious and gives all learners the cultural capital and knowledge to succeed in life. Business and enterprise is a key government focus, and is set to form an important part of the UK’s global economic status, both now and in the future. The business and enterprise curriculum will provide learners with a fantastic progression pathway into a number of roles in an organisation to support with the needs of the economy whilst ensuring pupils become successful future citizens.

The business and enterprise curriculum:

  1. Is designed to be inspiring, exciting and challenging and will help prepare pupils for an enterprising future by studying and practising the knowledge, behaviours and skills related to researching, setting up, running and reviewing a business enterprise.
  2. Exposes pupils to the best of what’s thought and said therefore developing technical skills such as market research, planning, promotion and finance.
  3. Is sequenced to provide powerful knowledge and skills for the next steps in academic studies or employment.
  4. Takes pupils beyond their everyday experience by using realistic work scenarios, developing personal skills and allowing learners to monitor their own performance, time management and problem solving.
  5. Produces numerate and literate pupils by equipping them with financial skills, organisational ability, marketing knowledge and an ability to present ideas clearly.
  6. Encourages social mobility by meeting the needs of all learners and instilling a love of learning.
  7. Develops enterprising leaders and employees to drive an organisation forward, to have ideas and initiatives to promote growth, and to ensure that businesses survive in this fast changing world.

Curriculum Intent