Self-study resources can be accessed through Microsoft Teams and may include:

  • Live lessons / recordings
  • Recorded teacher explanations
  • High quality online resources
  • Links to online educational websites

Pupils should make use of this facility to learn at home regularly as directed by their subject teacher. The opportunity to think about a subject outside of school time is invaluable at helping pupils know and remember more of the curriculum. It is therefore vital that parents and carers support their child with self-study at home.

What if a pupil is absent from school?

If a pupil is absent from school, there is an expectation that they catch-up on the learning missed. Meaningful and manageable work will be set in Microsoft Teams that is aligned with the subject curriculum. The completion of this work will address knowledge gaps caused by the absence and facilitate a smooth and confident return to lessons. The support of parents and carers to ensure pupils catch-up on work missed is crucial for minimising the effect of absence on the life chances of their child.

How do I access Microsoft Teams?

For help accessing Microsoft Teams:

For any further support, e-mail us at: