Art and Design

Key Stage 3: Art

Key Stage 4: Art and Art Textiles

Through the art and design curriculum, pupils develop their knowledge and skills to experiment and create their own works of art and design. It is a subject that is engaging, inspiring and challenging which should prepare all young people to value the world they live and work in. Additionally, students will understand how art and design both reflect and shape our history, and contribute to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation. The emphasis on students’ experience of art and design is to gain knowledge and to build upon knowledge, understanding, skills and techniques inspired by the work of artists and cultures. Pupils are given a wide experience of making art in a range of processes and techniques with variety of mediums that include painting, drawing, print and sculpture. Pupils are given frequent opportunities to evaluate, discuss and analyse creative works using the language of art and design. Art and design is a subject that is relevant to whatever the students do later in life.

In the art and design curriculum:

  1. Pupils will have a rich and powerful knowledge of a range of techniques, processes and skills that will enable them to create their own works of art and design.
  2. Teachers will use the best of what is thought and said to allow pupils to develop creativity, critical thinking and collaboration to effectively build achievement and nurture individual talent and innovation.
  3. Planning, delivery and assessment of the four key concepts will be strategically sequenced to ensure that the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of art and design is secure and builds in complexity and challenge throughout their learning journey.
  4. Continuously takes pupils on an exciting and engaging learning journey both in and outside the classroom exploring a vast range of historic and cultural events developing the cultural and moral capital of our pupils, taking them beyond the classroom experience.
  5. Pupils will develop literacy skills which will allow them to confidently articulate their own work, and that of others, in order to strengthen the visual impact or applications of their work
  6. An inclusive approach will be used so all pupils have access to the arts curriculum. Pupils will be exposed to the conceptual knowledge, skills and understanding to flourish in their future learning and employment.
  7. Provides pupils with the necessary social, creativity, analytical and problem solving skills that will allow them to contribute to the world of the future and ensure social mobility.

Curriculum Intent