The transition from primary to secondary school is a big change. Westborough takes supporting and encouraging pupils to make that change very seriously. A variety of activities are designed to ensure pupils are familiar with Westborough so they feel comfortable, relaxed and excited as they face the transition from primary to secondary school.

Primary School Visits

Westborough staff take time to visit the primary schools regularly. Visits include a presence at all primary parents’ evenings, support with events such as science days and visiting assemblies in advance of open evening.

Year 5 Links

The six main feeder schools to Westborough have an established year 5 link. Throughout year 5, primary pupils have secondary school experiences within the Science, Physical Education, Art Design and Technology, Performing Arts, Computing and Business departments. This culminates with over 500 year 5 pupils from these feeder schools visiting Westborough for a secondary experience day in the summer term. The feedback from these days is always positive with pupils leaving saying ‘I want to come to Westborough after today’.

Level 6 English and Maths Workshops

Following liaison with primary colleagues, Westborough offers level 6 English and maths workshops to support primary schools in preparing Year 6 pupils to achieve the most challenging levels. transition 3Pupils enjoy this experience and their teachers and parents feel these are beneficial to the pupils involved.

Transition Visits

The Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year visit each Year 6 pupil planning to transition to Westborough High School before transition day takes place. During this visit pupil data is gained that helps teachers plan to meet individual needs in all lessons from the outset of Year 7. The information discussed includes: academic levels in English, maths and science; the language studied in primary school; information on behaviour and effort; details of intervention received at primary school; specifics of family circumstances and recommended groupings from primary colleagues. All data gained is entered into a transition spreadsheet so it can be shared with Year 7 teaching staff and inform planning from the start.

Transition Day

Westborough highly values transition day as an opportunity for pupils and parents to have a positive introduction to the school. Pupils are invited to spend the day with us ensuring they are fully prepared for the start of secondary school in September. Parents then attend an evening meeting to ensure they have all the information required to work effectively with the school from the start.

Buddy Day

Buddy day is another chance for Year 6 pupils to establish relationships with those they met during transition day. It provides an additional opportunity for pupils to work within their new form groups on enrichment activities in order
to leave pupils excited about the prospect of secondary school.

Primary School Link

Westborough High School are proud to have links with: