Curriculum Intent Statement

Westborough has an aspirational curriculum for social justice in which academic excellence is relentlessly pursued and powerful knowledge and the acquisition of rich vocabulary takes pupils beyond their everyday experiences.

At Westborough, academic excellence is the first priority. Our broad and balanced curriculum is ambitious and coherently sequenced to ensure knowledge builds in scope and complexity: closing any knowledge gap. To pursue academic excellence, we expose all our young people to the ‘best that is thought and said’. We want all pupils to acquire knowledge that takes them beyond their everyday experiences and in doing so promote social justice by tackling inequality.

There is an effective blend of knowledge and skills integrated into each year group that aims to give all learners an equality of opportunity. Staff believe the curriculum is the progression model and thoughtfully sequence learning accordingly. The school curriculum is inspiring and aspirational in all subject areas and extends to the holistic experience that wider educational opportunities have to offer.

Westborough’s curriculum is pupil centred and is about best preparing our young people for the responsibilities they will face in their future. We want to expose pupils to ‘powerful knowledge’ so that they can develop their thinking for the good of themselves and society. We want pupils to value their learning and understand that background is irrelevant to achievement and aspiration is not limited by the circumstance of birth.

The curriculum seeks to offer the benefits and advantages that confer success and prosperity to all our pupils. We believe all learners are entitled to a foundation of powerful knowledge so that they can question the world around them, evoking a sense of freedom and excitement. In order to do this effectively, the curriculum develops vocabulary rich young people who can articulate their thoughts and ideas effectively.

In summary, Westborough’s curriculum:

  1. Ensures an entitlement of powerful knowledge for all pupils hence closing the knowledge gap.
  2. Exposes all our young people to ‘the best of what is thought and said’ necessary for academic excellence.
  3. Sequences learning and incorporates strategies based on cognitive science that ensure the retention of powerful knowledge
  4. Takes pupils beyond their everyday experience hence encouraging engagement, freedom and excitement.
  5. Produces numerate and literate pupils who are vocabulary rich and have a love of reading.
  6. Provides equality and social justice to encourage social mobility.
  7. Ensures our pupils become successful future citizens.

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