Curriculum Statement

At Westborough we aim for our curriculum to:

  1. Provide a broad and balanced experience for the pupils so that they develop creativity, problem solving skills, resilience and independent thinking.
  2. Provide enjoyment, boost self-esteem, raise aspirations and motivate and engage all pupils in learning so they are well prepared for the future.
  3. Encompass relevant skills such as literacy, numeracy and SMSC so our young people can make a positive contribution to society.

What makes Westborough’s curriculum distinctive?

  • A three year key stage 4 allows pupils to deepen their understanding of a subject and fully prepare for the rigour of the new examination system.
  • Pupils continue to be offered a truly broad and balanced curriculum and can opt for a range of open bucket subjects from the arts to business and enterprise. There is a balance of academic and vocational subjects to choose from to meet the needs of all learners.
  • The options process is designed to enable pupils to choose qualifications that reflect their interests and aspirations. Bespoke advice and support is offered by staff members to ensure that pupils, supported by their parents, make fully informed decisions about the best options to take.
  • An acknowledgement of pupil strengths alongside their aspirations allows certain pupils to be targeted at the Ebacc qualification. However, this is not exclusive or obligatory to allow pupils a real choice when selecting which qualifications to study.
  • For a carefully selected target group of pupils, an alternative curriculum is provided. This includes the core subjects as well as a range of open bucket qualifications. Additional enrichment experiences are also provided to meet the needs of these learners and inspire them to make a positive contribution now and in the future.