Our Anti Bullying Co-ordinator is Mrs Lightowler – she can be contacted with the following email address: talktome@w-h-s.org.uk

Westborough High School prides itself on promoting a welcoming culture of safety, responsibility and respect ensuring a positive climate where all members of the school community feel safe, comfortable, and accepted. Westborough is committed to ensuring a caring, inclusive and safe environment for all pupils to learn in, so they enjoy their education.

The school’s inclusive provision assists pupils to enjoy their education, feel valued and develop both academically and personally. All pupils are supported in their learning and encouraged to engage in every aspect of school life. The inclusive curriculum celebrates diversity and promotes tolerance and mutual respect of others.

Bullying of any kind is not accepted at Westborough. If bullying does occur, pupils are encouraged to report it to any member of staff and know that incidents will be dealt with promptly, proportionately and effectively.

Physical attacks, threats, insults, name calling, jokes or comments about a person because of their colour, gender, sexual orientation, culture, religion, disability, ethnic or are social background are all considered unacceptable behaviour. If pupils see this or hear about unacceptable behaviour or personally experience any behaviour of this kind they should report it straight away.

Westborough believes in equal opportunities for everyone. Pupils have the right to:

  1. a first class education
  2. an environment that encourages learning
  3. be treated with respect by members of our community

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