School Meals (Kirklees Catering)

For those pupils wishing to take advantage of the menu in our dining room, we would like to let you know that we offer three types of meal:

  • Meals made with non-halal/standard meat for children who do not follow the Islamic faith;
  • HMC Halal meals – these meals are prepared in a separate area of the kitchen, using different utensils;
  • A vegetarian option, as a daily alternative to meat.

Menu Options

Special Dietary Requirements

Special diets are a very important part of our catering provision in schools. Special diet procedures are essential to ensure that the needs of each individual child can be safely met. It is crucial that this process is a joint approach between the child, parent/guardian, school, client and Kirklees Catering Service. A special diet is a requirement different to the choices offered within your menu cycle and is usually medically required.

A cashless catering system is in use –  pupils pre-pay for food and any amount spent from their balance is deducted digitally using a biometric system to identify pupils. Pupils on free school meals have their account credited automatically every day.