We believe that physical education contributes to the overall education of young people through developing oracy skills, developing leadership skills, providing opportunities to develop their physical confidence and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

At Westborough High School PE encourages pupils to develop a love for physical exercise and is constantly promoting pupils to adopt an active lifestyle. Alongside this, we firmly believe that PE not only develops a child physically but also enriches them cognitively and socially, providing transferable skills which help manage the demands of education.

PE at Westborough High School aims to:

  • Teach pupils, through experience, to know about and value the benefits of lifelong participation in physical activity.
  • Develop physical competence and help to promote physical development
  • Develop an understanding of a diverse range of sporting disciplines and develop knowledge of health, fitness and wellbeing.
  • Develop a range of interpersonal skills and capabilities that are transferable for future life and work.
  • Reflect on and evaluate their own and others performances and find ways of improvement.
  • Develop cross-curricular skills that support the whole curriculum


Students are enriched and given further opportunity to flourish by an extensive extra-curricular activity programme made available to all students at Westborough High School. This includes providing opportunities for pupils to compete against other schools, both locally and nationally.

Key Stage 3

Our Key Stage 3 physical education curriculum is a broad and balanced programme that provides regular opportunities for all pupils to participate and flourish as successful lifelong learners in PE.

Some of the activities students will engage in are: basketball, netball, rugby league, gymnastics, dance, cricket, football, fitness, badminton, athletics, ultimate frisbee and handball.

Key Stage 4

A qualification in physical education opens doors to a multitude of exciting careers and therefore all Key Stage 4 students at Westborough High School embark on a BTEC First Award in Sport. This exciting course takes an engaging, practical and inspiring approach to learning and assessment. This course provides students with a broad knowledge and understanding of different aspects of sports science including sports psychology and nutrition, equipping pupils with practical skills such as learning to design and evaluate a training programme.

Alongside the sports science qualification, pupils will engage in a personalised learning experience that enthuses our young people to make a lifelong commitment to physical activity and sport.

Key Stage 4 PE at Westborough High School aims to:

  • Develop interests and talents
  • Extends knowledge, understanding and skills
  • Contribute to, and help sustain, a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Evaluate their own performances and that of others
  • Recognise and manage risk and apply safe principles and procedures before, during and after physical activity
  • Experience and understand different roles within a range of physical activities
  • Know how to access sporting and recreational opportunities in the local and wider community

Implementation of the curriculum

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