Physical Education

Physical Education (PE) at Westborough High School creates positive experiences and attitudes in order to develop healthy, active life-long learners who make a positive contribution to their community. The PE curriculum is pupil centred and prepares young people for the responsibilities they will face in their future. There is an effective blend of knowledge and skills that aims to give all learners equal opportunities. Resilience and character are promoted through the teaching of PE and pupils’ exposure to powerful knowledge develops their thinking for the good of themselves and society. The PE curriculum provides pupils with opportunities as a participant as well as in leadership roles such as a coach, official and choreographer. The importance of PE and the role it has on promoting lifelong healthy, active lifestyles and making a positive impact on physical, social and emotional wellbeing is recognised. Therefore, the end point of the PE curriculum is that every pupil achieves their potential and goes on to lead physically active lifestyles.

An extensive extra-curricular programme is open for all pupils to attend on a competitive and social basis. Those who wish to play competitively have further opportunities to represent the school in various sporting activities. In addition, pupils can take advantage of the many community club links, particularly with Huddersfield Town FC, Batley Bulldogs RFL and Yorkshire CCC. Pursuing extra-curricular activities provides pupils with an advanced level of knowledge, understanding and skill. Organised visits including sports day, outdoor adventurous activities and visits to further and higher education institutes also promote sport and physical activity beyond the classroom.

The PE curriculum:

  1. Ensures all learners are entitled to powerful knowledge so they acquire the confidence, motivation and skills to flourish in becoming physically literate.
  2. Allows teachers to expose pupils to the best of what’s thought and said so young people appreciate and value the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle and strive for personal excellence.
  3. Is a progressive model that is thoughtfully sequenced and embeds cognitive science to ensure knowledge builds in scope and complexity; closing any knowledge gap.
  4. Ensures pupils acquire knowledge that takes them beyond their everyday experiences and in doing so promotes social justice by tackling inequality. Every pupil is provided with the opportunity to take part in sport and physical activity through wider educational opportunities: all pupils including the talented and keen pupils are inspired and challenged to strive for sporting excellence.
  5. Develops young people who are numerate and vocabulary rich and are able to articulate their thoughts and ideas effectively.
  6. Is pupil centred and prepares young people for the responsibilities they will face in the future. There is an effective blend of knowledge and skills that gives all learners equal opportunity whilst promoting and developing resilience and character.
  7. Provides pupils with an opportunity to develop employability life skills and raise the profile of PE, sport and physical activity and wellbeing within the local community.

Curriculum Intent