Key Stage 4

We continue the strong foundation of CIEAG information that we have established in Key Stage 3. Our focus becomes more personalised as we identify programmes for individual students and help them with their applications to college, sixth form, apprenticeships or employment.

Year 9, 10 and 11

  • Specific assemblies on Careers which aimed at encouraging pupils in this year group to think about their future pathway and potential career choices.
  • Regular aspirational assemblies with HOY/SLT and teaching staff.
  • A curriculum which enables pupils to acquire the key skills needed for both employment and further education.
  • A strong, career skills focused PSHCE programme delivered every form time which looks at development personal and professional skills.
  • Learning conversations with tutors.
  • Curriculum enrichment days which aim enable students to engage with outside agencies and employers.
  • Regular small group opportunities for personal enrichment and meeting employers.

Specific to Year 10

  • A week of work experience in a placement of the pupil’s choice.
  • At the end, trips to open days at colleges to explore and take part in subject taster sessions.

Specific to Year 11

  • 1:1 Careers Advisor meetings.
  • At the beginning, trips to open days and evenings at colleges to explore and take part in subject taster sessions.

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