This is an exciting and crucial time for our Year 9 pupils, where you choose which subjects to study as you move from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4. The decisions you make now will impact the path you take through life and work. It is important to read this information carefully and gather as much information as possible. If you are not sure, just ask – we are here to help and guide you along the way.

Making the right choices now will ensure you have a smooth start to Year 10 studying subjects that you enjoy. This will help you to develop both your confidence and knowledge to ensure you thrive as you move through this next stage in your education.

Next year you will study nine qualifications. These include four compulsory subjects and three options subjects.

When choosing your option subjects remember:

  • You will be studying these subjects for the rest of the time you attend Westborough High School. You cannot change in the middle of a course so make your choices count!
  • The choices you make now will shape your future.
  • Get advice: talk to your teachers, form tutor and your parents/guardians. You can also get help from the career’s guidance team at school.
  • Do not choose options because they are ‘easy’ or because your friends are choosing them.
  • Choose subjects you enjoy and subjects that will help you with the path you take when you leave school.

Finally, remember we are here to help you at this important stage of your life. We want you to make the choices that are best for you so that the rest of your time at Westborough will be happy and successful.

Good luck!

Mr Aziz
Assistant Headteacher

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