Welcome to Westborough’s job vacancy page. All teaching vacancies can be found on our page on the TES website unless specified otherwise.

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Email/Post Applications

Applications can be emailed to fsharp@w-h-s.org.uk, or alternatively you may post applications to:

Headteacher’s PA
Westborough High School
Stockhill Street
WF13 2JE

Remember that postage is now calculated by size and weight—please ensure that the correct rate of postage is used. We will not be responsible for collecting underpaid mail from the Post Office, and you risk your Application Form not being received.

To save on postage costs you can return the equal opportunities form with your application form, rather than posting it separately. We will forward it to the relevant council department for you. To maintain confidentiality in relation to this form, please insert is into a sealed envelope and mark it:

HD-One Employee Services,
2nd Floor,
Civic Centre 3,