Westborough thinks the topic of attendance is so important we have our own web page on the topic. Pupil attendance is discussed every week by the Leadership Team and monitored on a daily basis by our Attendance Team and Pastoral Staff.

Why is Attendance Important?

Pupils who attend daily can be shown statistically to do better in their examinations and it doesn’t take a genius to realise why this is. Pupils who attend everyday benefit from the wealth of experience our staff offer in helping them to learn – if pupils are absent they miss out on this benefit.

Good attendance is celebrated every term in awards ceremonies and there are regular prizes given out to the highest attenders and most improved attenders. Where pupils are persistently late or fail to attend school there can be serious consequences for pupils and parents. However, the most serious consequence for poor attenders and pupils who are late, comes at the end of Y11 when applications to colleges are made.

The school is required to provide colleges with attendance data and you will find that most pupils will not gain a college placement in the college of their choosing if their attendance falls below 96% (just a week off school in a year).

If pupils fall below 90% attendance (almost a month off school) this is classed as Persistent Absence and is very serious.

Contact Details

Attendance OfficerMiss A
Attendance OfficerMrs D
Year 11 LeaderMrs S
Year 10 LeaderMr M
Year 9 LeaderMrs L
Year 8 LeaderMr M
Year 7 LeaderMr J

Did you know?

Most pupils will not gain a place at the college of their choosing if their attendance falls below 96%.