Key Stage 3

As soon as our students join Westborough High School in Year 7, we encourage them to start thinking about their future careers and the steps needed to achieve that ambition.

Years 7 and 8

  • Assembly on Careers Advice given by Careers Lead which aims at encouraging pupils in this year group to think about their future pathways and potential option subjects.
  • Regular aspirational assemblies with Progress Leaders/SLT and teaching staff.
  • A curriculum which enables pupils to acquire the key skills needed for both employment and further education.
  • Specific aspirations/Careers sessions in form time and RPS lessons.
  • A strong, career skills focused PSHCE programme delivered every form time.
  • Learning conversations with tutors.
  • Regular small group opportunities for personal enrichment and meeting employers.
  • Curriculum enrichment days which aim enable students to engage with outside agencies and employers.

Keystage 3 Yearly Breakdown

Year 7 Curriculum

  • Smart Targets Action Points
  • Finding Careers Information
  • Career Management
  • Character Traits and Skills
  • Personal Skills & Qualities
  • Careers & your Future
  • Transition Point in Your life
  • Society & Board Games Enterprise Project
  • Skills And Qualities Quiz
  • Year 7 Creative Careers Work Booklet
  • Year 7 Baseline & Confidence Checker

Year 8 Curriculum

  • Making Decisions
  • Options & Pathways
  • Qualification & Pathways
  • Skills & Qualities Revisited
  • Career Interests & Jobs
  • Labour Market Information
  • Exploring Careers
  • Safety Phone App Enterprise Project
  • Careers Quiz
  • Year 8 Creative Careers Work Booklet
  • Year 8 Baseline & Confidence Checker

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