Road Safety

Westborough School has invested a great deal in road safety: There are clear road markings at the main entrance to the school and staff are on duty at the start and end of each day to assist with the safe arrival and dispersal of pupils.

We ask all members of our community to remember that the road is a very dangerous place for pedestrians, especially our young people who are often more interested in finding their friends at the end of the day than thinking about road safety.

If you are a parent or guardian please observe the following rules:

  • Do not park on the yellow zig zag lines. This is an offence and can obstruct the view of other road users. This endangers our young people.
  • Do not stop to pick up or drop off pupils unless you have parked safely at the side of the road. Stopping in the road obstructs other vehicles and people getting out of the car are at risk from being hit by cyclists or motor bikes. Make sure you stop safely at the road side and let your passengers get out onto the footpath.
  • Westborough enjoys good relationships with its neighbours. Please don’t park across the entrance to someone’s driveway, even for a moment. It is discourteous and can upset our neighbours.
  • Speed kills! The speed limit on Stockhill Street is 30mph! At busy times this would not be a safe speed to drive at. Please keep your speed low (e.g. 15mph) to ensure that you have to time to stop for any pupil who steps out into the road without looking. Excessive speed is also very worrying for our neighbours who have to put up with a very high flow of traffic in the morning and afternoon.
  • At the rear of the school it is safer for you to stop to pick up your children on Boothroyd Lane rather than drive up Park Croft where you will be forced to do a turn in the road to get back out. Reversing at busy times is always risky to pedestrians.
  • Please look out for our Senior staff and Pastoral staff. Remember, if you are asked to comply with these rules by our staff they are just trying to make the place safe for our young people. A smile and a wave is therefore reassuring as staff are often out in cold wet weather.