In geography at Westborough High School, pupils will develop a deep understanding of the richness, the complexities, and the diversity of our planet’s physical environment and human societies. They will develop a curiosity about the world and their place in it. Pupils will also acquire the skills to be able to investigate it further and make their own informed decisions about the pressing geographical issues of the 21st century.

Pupils will study the complex and fascinating physical places and process which have created our physical world, from the ancient glacial processes which have shaped our Calder Valley, to the deserts of Pakistan. They will learn why our hills and valleys look like they do, why our ecology is under threat from climate change, and why it always seems to rain in Yorkshire!

Pupils will also become keenly aware of how these physical processes continually interact with human ones. They will study how human societies have adapted to their environment and flourished in adverse conditions, including the Sahara Desert and communities in the Arctic circle. Pupils will learn how humans have responded to the threats posed by the awesome power of tectonic and weather hazards including the Tsunamis which have devastated the far east and the earthquake which recently rocked L’Aquila in Italy.

Fieldwork and geographical disciplinary skills are an essential part of geography at Westborough and pupils will learn the skills needed to study and form opinions on all of the topics which they study, and will use a wide range of sources and technologies to analyse and draw conclusions about increasingly complex information.

Through studying these processes and case studies, and appreciating their interaction, pupils will come to understand how societies have responded to the inequalities presented by geography. Pupils will reflect on how these responses influence the decisions of stakeholders on crucial issues such as global warming, urban development, and globalisation.

Our curriculum will ensure that Westborough geographers will be intelligent, well-informed, responsible members of society who have a generosity of spirit towards all the other inhabitants of this planet.

  1. Pupils will have a rich powerful knowledge of British, local, and world geography which enables them to identify significant events, processes, and links between the human and physical world.
  2. Teachers will use the best of what is thought and said to allow pupils to gain the knowledge which will allow them to effectively assess, evaluate and discuss complex geographical issues.
  3. The delivery and assessment of knowledge and skills will be strategically sequenced, so that pupils’ geographical knowledge is secure and pupils can understand increasingly complex geographical themes.
  4. Pupils will be engaged by studying a diverse range of cultural, economic, political, social and environmental events and concepts from around the world, which they would not likely encounter outside of geography lessons.
  5. Pupils will develop the numeracy and literacy skills which will allow them to analyse geographical events using graphical, statistical and cartographic skills, and articulate the concepts which allow them to examine geography well.
  6. Pupils will be exposed to the conceptual knowledge and understanding which will provide pupils from all backgrounds with the skills and understanding to access and excel in future learning and employment.
  7. Pupils will have a thorough understanding of our world’s distributions, inequalities, conflicts and global sustainability which enables them to be well informed, analytical and positive local and global citizens.

Curriculum Intent