We believe that studying a language is an essential part of a child’s education. Not only does a qualification in language open doors to a multitude of exciting careers, but it supports and enriches a child’s learning experience at school as a whole. The study of a different language and culture helps pupils to improve memory and communication skills, to become more independent and resilient as learners and also to improve literacy and understanding across the whole curriculum.

Key Stage 3

At Westborough High School, we aim to give each pupil a sound start in language learning in KS3 which will enable them to go on to study their chosen language in more depth in KS4. Pupils will leave school well prepared for further language study, or at the very least, they will have the ability to converse with native speakers for both pleasure and for work. Most employers value this skill but also recognise that being able to communicate in a different language offers key attributes needed in the workplace – not least communication and the ability to retain and use large amounts of information.

We offer a wide range of authentic learning experiences in the classroom but there are also opportunities to broaden the learning experience with links to local colleges and university.

In Key Stage 3, pupils learn to express themselves in a range of different topics and scenarios, both in written and verbal form. Topics covered include the family, school, holidays, Spanish and Latin American customs, food, sports and how to be healthy.

Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4, pupils build on these topics and learn how to speak about them in much more detail and with more confidence. Pupils also discuss topics of global interest such as the environment, social issues and careers and ambitions. Pupils learn how to manipulate new language in a range of different topics to enable them to become more fluent in their chosen language. By the end of their course of study in Year 11, pupils are well equipped to pursue further education in languages either as a main topic or as an addition to other subjects.

French, Spanish and Urdu GCSE

Pupils will continue to develop their language knowledge and skills started in Years 7 and 8. Areas of focus include listening, reading, speaking, writing and translation. Additionally, pupils will discover authentic language materials to develop their knowledge as well as improve their cultural awareness through exciting and inspiring lessons.

Implementation of the curriculum

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