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We will no longer be using the text service. All important school information will be sent through the class charts parent app.

To download the class charts parent app please use the links below:

For support or your sign in details please email:

  • datarequests@w-h-s.org.uk

Examination certificates – Y11 leavers

Remote Education

We are pleased to welcome all our pupils back to school, however, we realise that it is likely that individuals and groups of pupils will continue to be affected by pandemic related absence. In this eventuality, pupils will receive high quality online remote education through Microsoft Teams. In order to maximise pupils’ exposure to the powerful knowledge delivered by our expert teaching staff, we ask that all pupils immediately follow their normal timetable during normal school hours (see lesson times link below).

The links below have been compiled to support our pupils and parents / guardians to get the most out of our remote education provision:

For further information about our wider remote education offer, please visit the self study section of our website. If your child is having issues accessing their online remote education please contact us at: datarequests@w-h-s.org.uk

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