Our history curriculum at Westborough High School ensures that pupils have a rich, broad, and deep knowledge of over one thousand years of British and world history, empowering them to not only flourish academically, but to gain an insightful and well-informed understanding of modern society and world events.

Pupils will learn about Britain’s and the world’s advances, injustices, controversies, and conflicts through over two millennia. Pupils will see how our state and society have developed through the violent power struggles for Britain; the terrifying Viking invasions of the Dark Ages, the succession crisis of 1066, and the subsequent brutal Norman Conquest. The complex relationship between rulers and religion is studied in the controversies surrounding the martyrdom of Thomas Beckett, Britain’s break with Rome, the execution of Charles I, and the Cromwellian interregnum. Pupils will come to appreciate the immense societal upheaval caused by the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s, followed by the disastrous political ideologies and catastrophic conflicts which characterised the twentieth century.

Along with the history of Britain, pupils will study significant world issues such as the growth of the Mughal Empire, India under the Raj, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and the Holocaust. Through studying these events in breadth and many in depth, pupils will see how societies around the world have been influenced and formed, and how the British society we inhabit today has come to be; they will understand society’s achievements and injustices, the causes, consequences, and significance of its development over time.

Pupils will also learn how to analyse and evaluate information, how crucial it is to understand the provenance of information, and how it influences the content, a skill which is essential in our modern media rich world. Pupils will see how historians have formed opinions on all of these events and issues through examining a wide range of source materials and interpretations. Our curriculum includes the latest literature and developments in historiography, including works by Ian Mortimer and Marc Morris, allowing all of Westborough’s pupils to learn about and reflect on the nature of history and its pursuit as an academic discipline.

  1. Pupils will have a rich knowledge of British, local, and world history which enables them to identify significant events, links, and trends over time.
  2. Teachers will use the best of what is thought and said to allow pupils to gain the knowledge which will allow them to effectively analyse cause and consequence, change and continuity, interpretations, and sources.
  3. The delivery and assessment of knowledge and skills will be strategically sequenced, so that pupils’ historical knowledge is secure and can be placed into increasingly complex chronological schemata.
  4. Pupils will be engaged by studying a diverse range of cultural, economic, military, political, religious and social events and developments, from around the world and throughout time, which they would not likely encounter outside of history lessons.
  5. Pupils will develop the numeracy and literacy skills which will allow them to place historical events within a secure chronological framework, and articulate the concepts which allow them to analyse and describe history well.
  6. Pupils will be exposed to the conceptual knowledge and understanding which will provide pupils from all backgrounds with the skills and understanding to access and excel in future learning and employment.
  7. Pupils will have a thorough understanding of our world’s institutions, religions, traditions and conflicts, which enables them to be well informed, analytical and positive citizens.

Curriculum Intent