I’m a Pupil

Normally, we can tell who needs extra help through assessments or tests in class. However, if you think you need extra help you should speak to your class teacher or, if it’s a problem in all classes, to one of these people. You could also e-mail them at SENenquiries@w-h-s.org.uk

Understanding your difficulties or ‘SEN’

This is the first step to getting the help you need. It will usually involve making a ‘learning passport’ with a member of staff. This helps you and your parents to understand your difficulties better and what you can do to help yourself.

Helping your teachers understand

Giving your teachers a learning passport will help them make adjustments so that you don’t struggle as much. Your teacher is the expert and they are the person who can best help you with your subject work. You should keep speaking to them so that they understand what you are finding difficult or what you are finding helpful.

Giving you support

Your most effective support will come in the classroom from your teacher. However, sometimes you may need some tests to see exactly what you’re struggling with and other support staff may work with you to improve your reading, writing, spelling, maths, emotional regulation or do physio exercises with you. First you will be ‘assessed’, then you and your parents will be involved in the ‘assessing, planning, doing, and reviewing’ so that you can keep making progress.

  • Independence
    Our aim for pupils in every part of life is to be as independent as possible. However, our support staff are able to help you make progress towards the most independence you are able to have.
  • Medicine and Physical Care
    If you need support managing your medical treatment you should speak to Mrs Westwood (SEN Office).
  • Transition and Careers
    Our careers advisers are trained and available to support pupils with SEN. See them directly (e-mail) or your Head of Year (HOY) or Miss Long to organise this support.
  • How am I Doing?
    It’s always best to go to your subject teacher for up to date levels. They can tell you how you’re doing compared to your target grade (this tells you the progress you should be making).
  • Staff Training
    All school staff are employed under our ethos of inclusion. Teachers and support staff receive on-going training on particular areas of SEN.
  • Other Worries?
    Your Assistant Head of Year (AHOY) is usually the best person to talk about any other worries you have. However, you can also talk to your Head of Year, or Mrs Westwood (SEN Office), or Miss Long.

Do you want to know more?

If you’ve any specific questions, please email: SENenquiries@w-h-s.org.uk