Healthy Schools

At Westborough we believe the health of our pupils is paramount. We aim to work collaboratively with pupils and their families to support them. If you are worried or have a problem why not speak to Mrs Barbara Beddows for more information.

Some of the services we offer are summarised below.

Health and Vaccinations

The School Nurse, Mrs Manning, runs a drop in clinic in school twice a week where pupils can speak about health related issues. Pupils can self-refer to the nurse or be referred by parents or staff .

The School Nurse also speaks in assemblies on vaccinations and delivers various sessions in PSHE lessons on health matters. The school runs vaccination days where pupils are provided with Booster immunisations against Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio and/or MMR.

Pupils and Parent Support

Girl catching ballThe school has strong links with Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust which currently provides 2 services; Kirklees Young Carers and (ChEWS) Children’s Emotional and Wellbeing Service. The Social Worker and School Nurse also run ChEWS targeted sessions in school for pupils on Managing Emotions, Anxiety and Self Confidence and Self Harm.