Girls’ PE Reward Trip

On 3rd May, 14 girls who regularly attend PE extra-curricular clubs were taken to White Rose Shopping Centre as a reward and chance to develop their social skills.

Pupils had two and a half hours in their groups to explore the shopping centre and experience some of the many eateries on offer.

The girls enjoyed showing off their shopping and said they would love to go again and spend even more time there.

It was fun.
A Pupil, Westborough High School
It was absolutely fantastic.
A Pupil, Westborough High School
I loved it, it was amazing going round with friends.
A Pupil, Westborough High School

Creative Careers Day

GCSE Art students had a fantastic day at the Hepworth Art Gallery in Wakefield on 16th May for their Creative Arts Day in partnership with the University of Leeds.

The students had a tour of the gallery and learnt about its architectural background. They were encouraged to become active participants in the work of artist Anthony McCall who is best known for his large-scale immersive sculptural light installations.

The students also enjoyed a hands on workshop where they experimented with different prints and alternative ways of painting, they learnt about the variety of careers within the arts industry and courses available at University.

After lunch, the students had a session on ‘Networking Skills’ followed by the opportunity to interview professionals in the industry and learnt about their career journeys.

I enjoyed finding out more about the careers in Art and meeting people.
A Pupil, Westborough High School
I enjoyed everything about today.
A Pupil, Westborough High School
I learnt a lot about people and careers I didn’t know before. I also enjoyed talking to people I have never met.
A Pupil, Westborough High School

Huddersfield HE Experience Day

Year 7 students attended a Higher Education experience day on 24th May at the University of Huddersfield.

The students had a fantastic time and learnt all about HE and the courses on offer at the University. They took part in activities such as ‘Degree or no degree’ where they learnt about different careers and the qualifications you need for them, ‘Budgeting’ an activity giving students an example of the costs of living whilst studying at University and ‘Design your own society’ where students had to design a poster to present to the rest of the students about a society they would like to be a part of at University.

As well as the activities, Westborough students had a tour of the University Campus and had the opportunity to ask current student ambassadors questions about student life and the courses they are studying.

Going around the campus and the university was amazing because I didn’t know what to expect in a big place.
A Pupil, Westborough High School