Following an Ofsted inspection on 6 June 2017, Westborough High School remains a good school and the ‘pace of improvement is rapid.’  There is much to celebrate at Westborough!

There is no doubt that this is as a result of partnership working between governors, staff, pupils, parents and carers.  The Ofsted team recognised that all share the same ‘vision and ambition for the school.’

In the inspection letter, Ofsted said that ‘pupils are making good progress over time,’ and that they ‘take great pride in their work and are keen to work with teachers to improve.’  The inspectors were impressed with the teaching they saw in the classrooms, as well as the work in pupils’ books and also that, ‘teachers are enthusiastic about their subjects.’  ‘The headteacher and senior leaders know the school, pupils and their areas of responsibilities well.’ As a result of this, ‘the pace of improvement is rapid,’ and ‘additional funding is spent well.’ The Ofsted letter goes onto state that the headteacher has taken ‘’decisive and appropriate action’ since the last inspection in 2012 and has ‘created a real community culture.’

‘Pupils describe the school as a community in which they look out for one another.’  ‘They are tolerant and have respect for cultures other than their own.’  Behaviour in the school is good and ‘pupils move calmly around the building and are very polite and confident to talk about their opinions and views.’

The inspection letter captures what a fantastic school Westborough is and I firmly believe that this is a result of strong links with our parents and carers.  Our school is a caring, lively and vibrant learning community and all staff are committed to ensuring pupils succeed. We look forward to continuing our journey of excellence.

Jennifer Napper