Our aim is to ignite pupils’ creativity, passion and interest in drama, music and the theatre. Drama and music develop essential transferable skills, which we feel open up a wealth of opportunity for the pupils’ future. It is our passion to nurture the pupils’ talents, allowing them to explore and find themselves as practitioners. We are determined for pupils to experience a wide range of enrichment activities during their time at Westborough to develop a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the arts and to inspire their own practice.

Key Stage 3


Pupils will embark upon an exciting journey in KS3 in which pupils explore a range of performance genre and styles as well as developing their ability to build and perform a variety of characters. The development of social skills are embedded throughout the KS3 curriculum where pupils have every opportunity to develop self-confidence, public speaking, collaborative and independent work as well as stretching their creativity and imagination.


The music curriculum has opportunities for pupils to explore creativity through composing brand new material, to discover and develop a passion for performing and to listen to and evaluate music from around the world. Our curriculum offers pupils the chance to perform on instruments such as African or samba drums, electronic keyboards, guitars and percussion. Pupils will be able to reflect upon their music making and interpret what they hear using an impressive musical vocabulary. We aim to inspire our pupils to participate widely in musical opportunities and to learn to love this most creative art form.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Drama

GCSE in Drama has been designed to be a practical, engaging and creative course for pupils to study. It will provide opportunities to understand and create drama as a practical art form in which ideas and meaning are communicated to an audience through informed artistic choices. Pupils will explore a wide range of texts and stimulus material throughout the course and attend the theatre several times throughout the course to develop critical evaluative skills.

BTEC Performing Arts

Performing Arts provides a first glimpse into the professional sector. The course focuses on ‘learning by doing’ to develop the practical knowledge and skills employers and universities are looking for. Pupils will explore practitioners work through practical workshops and perform in front of audiences on several occasions.

Implementation of the curriculum

The national curriculum

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