At Westborough High School, our Careers Education, Information and Guidance (CEIAG) programme exposes pupils to opportunities that inspire them to be aspirational and successful future citizens. By taking pupils beyond their experience, they are supported and encouraged over their five-year journey to carefully consider the variety of post-16 options and select those that best match their talents and interests.

High-quality careers guidance is important for the future of our pupils so our provision aims to:

  • Help pupils prepare for the workplace, by building self-development and career management skills
  • Provide experience and a clear understanding of the working world
  • Develop pupils’ awareness of the variety of education, training and careers opportunities available to them
  • Help pupils to understand routes to careers that they’re interested in, and to make informed choices about their next step in education or training
  • Promote a culture of high aspirations and equality of opportunity

Our careers programme is designed so pupils can give feedback, and their progress measured as they move through the Key Stages. We measure and assess the impact of the programme’s initiatives by:

Feedback from staff including teachers, the careers advisor, the pastoral team and the support staff

  • Feedback from pupils
  • Feedback from parents
  • Feedback from third parties e.g. colleges, universities, work places and our enterprise partner
  • The learning outcomes of pupils
  • Analysis of destinations data

The following policies further outline our approach to Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance: