Remote Education

Westborough has adopted a blended approach to remote education. The remote learning offer provides a blend of:

All online resources can be accessed through Microsoft Teams and the paper learning resource packs are either given to pupils before they leave school or sent out by post.

How can I get the most out of remote learning?

We encourage all pupils to keep themselves in their school routine by getting up and ready at the same time as normal. We expect pupils to be learning remotely between the hours of 9am and 3pm. Stick to your school timetable by accessing your lessons via Microsoft Teams during the normal lesson times. If you are not well enough to access the lessons at these times, recordings will be available on Microsoft Teams after the lesson.

To maximise the progress you make at home, please click the below links for top tips on learning remotely:

What should I expect when accessing my lessons remotely?

Westborough have adopted a three stage approach to remote learning.

Stage 1: If individual pupils are absent but the majority of pupils stay in school

  • Where possible, Years 10 and 11 will be invited to access their lessons live on Microsoft Teams. Live lessons will be supplemented with:
    • Knowledge overview documents
    • High quality online resources (including recorded teacher explanations and direct instruction)
    • An offline resource pack (one per half term)
  • Year 7, 8 and 9 remote education will be:
    • Summarised in knowledge overview documents
    • Supported by high quality online resources that may include and recorded explanations
    • An offline resource pack (one per half term)

Stage 2: When a large group of pupils are told to stay at home

  • School leaders will work to redistribute pupils attending school thus increasing capacity to focus on remote learning.
  • Larger departments (e.g. English, maths, science, PE) will ensure that pupils learning remotely can:
    • Access a wide range of high quality online resources including live lessons, recorded teacher explanations and links to educational websites
    • Where possible, interact with a specialist teacher during their usual lesson time slot
  • Smaller departments (e.g. history, geography, languages, drama) will ensure that pupils learning remotely can:
    • Access a wide range of high quality online resources including recorded teacher explanations and links to educational websites
    • Interact with their teachers within 24 hours of the allocated lesson times.

Stage 3: If a whole year group is sent home

  • Live interaction will be offered to all pupils at home to embed existing content, introduce new content and offer live interaction with pupils. This may be delivered by the class teacher or another member of the specialist team.
  • If live interaction is not possible due to staff absence, pupils can still learn remotely by accessing the high quality online resources available on Microsoft Teams or by using the paper learning resources pack. Pupils can also seek support and advice by using the post function on Microsoft Teams.

How do I access Microsoft Teams?

For help accessing Microsoft Teams:

For any further support, e-mail us at:

What support is available for pupils with SEND?

Additional support is available to help pupils with SEND access remote learning. For information on how:

How can I use the knowledge overview documents to support remote learning?

The knowledge overview documents are there to help you structure your learning. To get the most out of these documents:

  1. Find the date of the week/s you are learning from home
  2. Sit with a family member to read and understand what you should be learning about.
  3. Find the online resources through Microsoft Teams or follow the links to the educational websites.
  4. Use the paper pack of resources to access offline learning materials.
  5. Ask for support and feedback from your teachers using the post or assignment function on Microsoft Teams.

What do I do if cannot access online remote learning?

During your first period of absence in a half term, school will provide you with a paper resource pack. This will provide you with:

  • A knowledge overview document for each subject
  • Some high quality offline resources for each subject (one per half term)

If you are having technical issues, problems with IT access or simply need a break from screen time, use these resources to help you to continue to make progress. If you need any support from us to help you resolve your IT issue, contact us at:

What is the best way to conduct myself when using Microsoft Teams?

In order for you to get the best out of your remote learning opportunity, you must make sure you follow all usual school expectations for when you are in lessons.  Remember our rules for acceptable IT use too.

Below are some extra guidelines which you must adhere to:

Pupils should:

  • Sit against a neutral background
  • Try to be in a quiet space where you would normally study
  • Dress appropriately – no pyjamas or inappropriate clothing
  • Use the chat facility to communicate with teachers, however, please remember that all chats are logged and lessons are recorded
  • Mute your microphone when the teacher is talking
  • Report any technical issues by emailing:
  • Raise any issues about the lesson by emailing your subject teacher in the first instance then your Progress Leader.

Report any inappropriate conduct whilst using Microsoft Teams by emailing Mrs Sweasey the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) at: