Salina says:

“Thursday 15 March 2018 – what a day to remember!

The pupils were so overwhelmed. The school was full of happy minions. I have experienced much from today and went into a vast amount of different classes. The Year 7’s were doing team work by helping each other making brush bots that are electrical and move. At the end they had races with different bots to see which was faster.

Year 8’s were looking up on The National Enterprise challenge. The students were learning about real life business. Year 9’s were acting out a court scene and gathering up evidence also learning about how the court jury works.

Year 10’s were also looking up their future jobs and careers. The other half of the year group was building towers out of paper in groups of fours. The team work between the teams was amazing. The year 11’s had catching up to do in groups as their GCSE’S are coming up.

In my opinion the students and teachers have learnt so much from today. I really enjoyed taking pictures of the talented independent students. The teachers give 100% in their teaching.

What a fabulous day. It was such a worthwhile and valuable experience.

Together we succeed.”