Westborough High School pupils were treated to a full and “fabulous” day of exciting “learning, learning and more learning” as all year groups took part in their second Curriculum Enrichment Day of the academic year.

Topics covered throughout the informative day included religion, healthy eating, team building, relationships, British values and the environment, plus much, much more.


Year 8 pupils were engaged in the National Enterprise Challenge, whilst Year 11 pupils were able to learn vast amounts in the build-up their GCSE exams.

Curriculum Day Co-ordinator, Mr Wazed, claimed the day was “a huge success.” He said:

“It has been a fabulous day. The pupils have all really enjoyed themselves and have learnt an abundance of new information and skills. Saying that, I’ve learnt a few new things myself today! It has been all about learning, learning and more learning.

We have seen creativity at its peak. There was some good things happening in Science where Mrs Mahmood and Mrs Mytum-Smithson did some engaging team building activities.

Year 8 pupils were really engaged in the Main Hall, as the National Enterprise Challenge got all of the pupils thinking outside of the box.
There was a trial in the PA Block, which took kids out of their comfort zone. I could go on. The day has just been a huge success.”

Usman, from Year 10, who was engaged in activities relating to work experience and apprenticeships, revealed, “It was a great day. I will definitely be looking to continue my studies at a higher education after today.”

Miss Henson, English teacher, exclaimed, “This has been the best CE Day ever!”


Deputy Headteacher, Miss Du Quesnay, praised all staff and pupils, saying:

“Curriculum Enrichment Day provides an invaluable opportunity for pupils to experience alternative learning opportunities.

Today has been expertly ran by Westborough staff and pupils have participated positively as always.”