Building the School

Westborough School was built in 1960 when the main block was constructed and which still stands today. The two images below show the building under construction circa 1960:

The School Opens

The main building opened in September 1961 as Dewsbury Secondary Technical School.

The main building bore the Dewsbury Coat of Arms and it remains to this day despite the Dewsbury Borough being abolished in 1974 whereby control was ceded to Kirklees Metropolitan Council. The arms feature the motto Deus Noster Refugium Et Virtus, taken from PSALM XLVI, which is Latin for ‘God is our refuge and strength’.

1961 – Coat of Arms

The images below are all circa 1961 and show the school when it first opened:

Westborough High School

Westborough High School came into being in the early 1970s when the 11+ examination was scrapped . At the same time the old Wheelwright Grammar School for Girls became Birkdale High School.

1991 – Westborough High School, Before the Fire

Rebuilding After the Fire

The damaged section of school was rebuilt in 1992 with a new Sports Hall, Assembly Hall and Dining Facilities.

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