A friendship bench has been installed in the grounds at Westborough to mark the one year anniversary of Anjneha Nain’s tragic death.

Anjneha, who was 13, died last March and, twelve months on, family, friends, pupils and staff gathered at school to pay tribute to the “kind and generous” pupil.


The bench was suggested by pupils after various fundraising events, of which £650 was raised for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

The memorial service was also attended by local author Sahera Patel, who gave a number of readings, whilst Anjneha’s friends read emotional tributes.

Sana, Year 9, said:

“I could say a million words to describe Anjneha, but no words can describe the happiness she brought to everyone she met. She was just so unique.

“Monday mornings are the worst, right? Everyone is tired and moody. But never Anjneha. She would come into form laughing, no matter how she was feeling. She made everyone else happy. She is always in our hearts.”

Malaika, Year 9, said:

“She would lighten up any path she walked down and leave everyone with a smile on their face, intentionally or not.

“This tragic moment scarred many but we are all fighting through this together. Our form has become stronger and closer as we all help each other. We all miss her very much.”

Afeefah, Year 9, added:

“She was someone who accompanied us at all times, who made us laugh and cry, someone who did not allow us to feel alone and helpless in our most difficult days. She was so kind and generous.

“Anjneha is always with us and we all should have a part of her within us – someone who smiles and someone who is always willing to put others before themselves.”

Deputy Headteacher, Gill Sweasey, commented:

“It has been an emotional day but the Westborough community is one big family and we have all helped each other over the past twelve months.

“A lot of money was raised for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and the rest was put towards the friendship bench, which has been with engraved butterflies because Anjneha loved butterflies. Some trees have also been planted which will flower each year to mark her passing.

“We will always remember this beautiful, happy and loving girl.”