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Pupil & Pastoral Welfare

DFEWestborough2014June052Positive behaviour at Westborough

Westborough has a very clear behaviour policy which actively supports the School’s aims to:

  • Raise pupil achievement, by promoting all pupils’ personal, social and academic achievement; valuing all-round achievement; setting challenging but attainable targets for pupils.
  • Work together, by seeing the best in people; demanding the best in people and sharing good practice across the school.
  • Play an active part in our community, by being a popular school, promoting citizenship and developing strong links with the community.

The ethos is based on Positive Behaviour Management Principles

  • We reward effort and recognise achievement.
  • We motivate pupils by recognising and celebrating success.
  • We adopt an inclusive approach to rewards in that they are attainable by all pupils, as effort and/or achievement in all aspects of school life will be reflected – academic, sporting, attendance, etc.
  • At the same time these rewards have to be earned in the eyes of both staff and pupils.
  • We invest in staff to administrate and oversee the process of rewards making the process manageable.


At Westborough, Points Mean Prizes! “You can earn Sleuth points with good behaviour, effort, classwork and attendance and spend them in our On Line Shop! There is something for everyone and a BIG prize draw every term .  The rewards shop is here.


The school uses the “Sleuth” data management system to register rewards and sanctions and monitor behaviour. The system awards Sleuth Points for positive referrals, which culminate in a variety of rewards. Pupils can choose to “cash-in” points for smaller rewards or to “bank” them towards an end of year theme park trip. Every half term a letter is sent home to inform parents how many positive referrals their child has achieved during that period. Pupil planners have pages allocated for the recording of Sleuth points, which pupils monitor themselves and which gives an indication to parents of how their children are progressing.

All pupils begin the school year with 200 points. Pupils lose one point for a day’s absence and points for negative referrals. Attendance points are added up at the end of each half term by the Sleuth Coordinator. The Sleuth system also grants positive commendations which merit up to 10 additional points for exceptional achievement, incidents of active citizenship and regular participation in extra-curricular/extended school activities.

Other ways in which pupils are rewarded include a half termly attendance held in each year group’s assembly each with a cash reward for 100% attendance. Prize giving at the end of each academic year with the pupils with the most Sleuth points in each year being rewarded with a cash prize. A wide range of certificates are presented to reward and celebrate success, effort and achievement in its widest sense. Weekly year group assemblies where the focus is on praise/rewarding success. All subject and Year teams are able to nominate pupils for the Headteachers positive postcard/letter to reward effort and achievement.

General – Around School Rules

You are expected:

  • To wait quietly in single file outside a classroom if possible, if you cannot enter a classroom.
  • Always walk quietly on the left of the corridors.
  • Not to damage other people’s property.
  • Not to criticise/make fun of other pupils or their work.
  • Not to use abusive language.
  • Not to eat chewing gum.
  • To follow the instructions of all adults.
  • Not to drop litter.
  • To only eat and drink in the Dining Room/outside (water is accepted in some parts of the school).
  • Not to enter another part of school unless for teaching.
  • Not to wear hats/caps/hoods inside school.
  • You must have permission to be out of your room/area during lesson time and carry an orange card.
  • Not to smoke anywhere on the school grounds.

For a full copy of the behaviour management policy click here.

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